Traveling judge, erstwhile lawyer, and powerful mutant Nano; really into legal reform


An Intelligent Nano who Leads. Tier 3.1.

Abilities: Onslaught, Scan, Good Advice, Cutting Light, Mind Reading, Command, Implant Suggestion

Skills: Social Interaction, Numenera, Jurisprudence, Onslaught, Cutting Light, Command


Nestra of Ghan is an itinerant judge and would-be legal reformer. She is accompanied by her trusty pal Prentice and also Prentice’s cactus. Nestra’s many exploits include: resolving inheritance disputes, rescuing kidnapped children, eating and absorbing and becoming an ultra terrestrial handfish, returning absconded cultists to their grandmothers, climbing stairs, defending Hector of Ghan from certain disgrace in the court of the Angulan Knights, enacting legal reforms in Qi, and rescuing Prentice.

Nestra is currently blue and capable of temporarily absorbing mutant powers and star eyed. She is not necessarily happy about such developments.


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