The Traveling Court

The Battle of Qi
Easy come, easy go

The day was won, although Councilor Ipsahan was still dead. Councilor Theodore Roosevelt guy was not dead, however, and the Zhev were restored, along with Maryam Techtalker. Unfortunately, one of the face-stealers got away.

Further Investigations into the Stolen Faces
The Taking of the Windsurfboard Outside Qi

The party went out to Ipsahan’s estate, and [something something something, he died, corpses were found]. Nestra fell down some stairs but everyone else captured a windrider surfboard, which was promptly made 20x too big by Cal.

~Day 123

Mishaps in Qi, Pt. 2
~Day 122

After getting out of (ILLEGAL) detention, the party talked to Councilor Tommen and went poking around the Marish clan’s business to get a lead going out of the city.

Mishaps in Qi
Yet another arrest

Nestra got everyone arrested except Cal, whoops.

~Day 121

Arrested in Qi! The first time
~Day 120

The party reconvened in Qi after a month of separate adventures, got very drunk, tried to save Prentice, and ended up being arrested for kidnapping.

The Western Pillar
California gets Daylight Savings Time

Something about a tree? A hex? A Hector? Cal gets a reroll? There are other pillars but the party almost immediately forgot about them.

~Day 58

The California Roll
~Day 57

The party met a village on a whale and also defeated a large sea-beast, dubbed by Cal, the slayer, to be the California Roll.

Qi Pt. 1
~Day 43

In which the party goes shopping and meets Sir Hector, and tussles with Capslo and Sir M.C. Hammer.

Saving Prentice and Fighting River Pirates
In Which Nestra Eats a Handfish

The party saves Prentice from kidnapping, “rescues” Gren and returns him to Granny in Auspar, and sails down to Qi. In the meantime, Nestra deals with her little handfish problem by eating the one she wanted to keep as a pet, and develops star eyes. Cal duels a river pirate, to Nestra’s joy.

Until ~Day 42

The Cult of the Handfish
~Day 28

The party enters a dungeon with the help of Medium Riley to investigate some cultists. Nestra, on Cal’s expert advice, reads the mind of an ultraterrestrial crystal. They kill all but one handfish and box the last one up to keep as a pet.


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